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Douglas F Brandon

Chris Foster

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Hawaiian Islands

Tel - +1 (520) 585-6905

T-Mobile/Metro PCS Authorized Retailer- B2B / B2C Phones & Accessories(Computer / GSM Solution-Reselling & Recycling)

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Attention! Danger!

T-Mobile Authorized Retailer

Address: Keahole St #2e2, Honolulu, HI 96825, USA. 

Metro PCS Authorized Retaile.

Bank name: CITI BANK LLC

Douglas Brandon &

Chris Foster

Cheater. Cheater. Thief. Robber. Swindler. 

My review! If you find this page, then you should know that scammers are fooling you. You need to avoid any contact. I was robbed of $ 2950.

I have added all the possible details to you with a high probability of our this page.

Below you will find a scam diagram, photos and my short story about how Douglas F Brandon (or maybe this is a fictitious name) from T-Mobile / Metro PCS Authorized Retailer deceived.

Fake details where I paid

Scam payment details. You are at risk!


Bank name: CITI BANK LLC

ACCOUNT NAME: Thomas A Thomas management LLC

Account number: 6799158497

Routing number: 021000089

Bank address: 170 west 72nd street New York Ny 10023

Holder Address: 111 W 71ST ST APT 7B, NEW YORK 10023

Account Swift code: CITIUS33

Scam payment details. You are at risk!


Bank name: Citi Bank

Account Holder Name: Fernando M Chavez Inc

Account Number: 207327420

Account Routing Number: 322271724

Swift Code: CITIUS33

Bank Address: 2525 Oswell St. Bakersfield, CA. 93306 USA

Payment confirmation copy

Correspondence between me and Douglas

I was sent an invoice for payment. Two days later I paid. The payment went on Monday 10/22/2019.

Douglas, every day said that he needed to wait for confirmation from the accountant. I wrote to him every day.
It is very strange. My company is an official distributor of three brands, we pay to the USA, Korea, Russia. And this incident guarded me.

 10.26.2019 Douglas decided to answer that he received the money and will send the package on Monday:
[11:26, 10.26.2019] Douglas: I'm doing good thanks
[11:27, 10.26.2019] Douglas: We got late confirmation but we shall proceed with shipment by Monday
[11:28, 10.26.2019] Douglas: Sorry for late reply "


10.28.2019 He asked to pay another amount, which is contrary to all agreements.

[19:28, 10.28.2019] DM: Hi
[19:41, 10.28.2019] Douglas: I was in touch with my boss over the MOQ
[19:43, 10.28.2019] DM: OK
[19:46, 10.28.2019] Douglas: I'll get in touch with you
[19:50, 10.28.2019] DM: Ok. Any problems?
[19:55, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Actually I am having issues with my boss over the MOQ
[19:56, 10.28.2019] DM: We agreed before payment. Will you send my order?
[19:57, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Our company MOQ start from 150pcs, but I can give you 100pcs for a start
[19:57, 10.28.2019] DM: We agreed earlier.
[19:58, 10.28.2019] DM: I will buy 200 from you after this delivery. This is a new way of delivery, I can not take risks.
[19:58, 10.28.2019] DM: And you and I discussed it and shook hands.
[20:00, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Yes bro my boss return back from vacation and told me our MOQ start from 150, but the best we could do is 100pcs at the moment bro
[20:00, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Please try and understand
[20:02, 10.28.2019] DM: I can’t buy from you until I receive my order. I have doubts about you.
[20:02, 10.28.2019] DM: Then I will ask you to return the payment.
[20:03, 10.28.2019] Douglas: What do you mean you have a doubts about me?
[20:05, 10.28.2019] DM: We have agreed to. Approved and made payment. For my part, I did everything.

Now you want to change the conditions. They don’t do that.
[20:07, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Bro you have to understand me my boss just return from vacation and insist you have to increase the MOQ
[20:07, 10.28.2019] Douglas: Or do you want us to refund back your money bro?
[20:08, 10.28.2019] DM: I can buy more from you only after we complete this delivery.

If you are a victim, contact me:

Write to me. Together we will do more!


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